Finally, my room is pretty much finished. After a few months hunting for furniture and stash, I´m actually quite happy with the interior. When I moved in I only had a bed and a wardrobe, then I found my lovely armchairs! A real bargain from Fretex (Salvation Army´s charity shop), just 200kr each! The dining chairs from the 60´s are from the same shop, 150kr for the pair, they are so nice and practical as well. Today I bought a cupboard/shelf thing, also Fretex, for just 50kr and filled it with all my books. I also found an old table in the basement, it was really dusty and covered in paint stains. But it looks great with a nice piece of retro fabric on top (actually a curtain from a charity shop). So now I have a place to eat, and most importantly; a place to sew!!!!!

retro chairs from heaven

i love my room <3

I put some stuff on the walls as well, finally! Two of my canvasses on one wall, mirrors and a cosy picture (a bit kitsch) i got at a flee market on the opposite wall. I´m really pleased with the mix of styles, and the layout of the room. I think it has a nice retro feel to it, as well as a modern touch.


Sigrunn said...

Så fint du ha fått det. Gle mæ t å kåmma på besøk.

Solveig said...

Kjæmpefint vart det!

Hanne said...

Så koselig du har fått det:)

Aud Jorunn said...

Kjempefint Elisabeth, tvila ikkje på at du trives der

Helga said...

Looks really cosy Elisabeth, I particularly love the two easy chairs and your artwork on the wall.
Aunty Helga

Anonymous said...

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