I've knitted a new hat to keep my head warm and dry for the next few months. And I had forgotten how fun (and easy) it is to make pom-pom's!



Testing colour combinations, for the big piece I want to make.



A couple of hints from a project I've just started on,
showing details from some of my sketches.
To see the whole sketch, click here!



I'm in BlanketMagazine!

A while back I sent a photo to Blanket Magazine and forgot all about it. And today I got an email from the editor, saying that they used my work! It is actually a self-portrait (to the left). This issues theme is Black&White, you can buy the web-magazine for 2 USD here! It's a great source of inspiration, showing work from artists/designers all over the world.




At the moment I'm working on a photographic project based on vintage underwear. I want to emphasize the beautiful details we hide underneath our everyday clothes. So to those of you who have bras, underskirts, corsets etc. with lace and other decorative features -
I will be very grateful for both donations and loans ♥



I finally sat down and redesigned my entire website, still a few things to be done before it's finished. But it's up and running! Check it out here.


DRESS - by petch:


I made this dress a couple of months ago, and I'm so pleased with it that I wear it all the time. The fabric is from a charity shop, soft cotton knit and I just love the floral print! I started out with a vintage sewing pattern for a girl's dress, that I got from my auntie Helga. But ended up changing the pattern as I went along, and basically drafted the whole dress my self. I think it's my most comfortable dress, so I might make a few more -and maybe I'll even make some that I can sell.


Money for nothing:

I have always liked coins with nice illustrations on. So I took a few old ones and made some earrings! I have used the old Norwegian 1- and 10-"øring", and the Danish 2-"øring". The coins are from the 60s and 70s, are are not in use anymore. I really love the pairs with the squirrel and the wasp. And now I hope I can find a pair of old 1 NOK's, they had a horse on one side and were really nice...



After looking for a suitable shorts pattern for ages, I decided to make my own! So I drafted a pattern from my favorite shorts, added some freehand changes and adjusted a bit as I went a long. Turned out just the way I wanted! The fabric is 100% wool, bought for 20 NOK / 2 GBP at Fretex (a charity shop). Perfect for cold and rainy days in Bergen, summer or winter...




My bag collection is now for sale! If you want one, visit Sanseliv at Bryggen i Bergen. You can also contact me by e-mail or leave a comment if you want to buy one, and I'll get back to you.


"BAG - by petch"

I have a part-time job in a small designer shop on "Bryggen" in Bergen. During the summer I also work full-time while the owner is on vacation. One of the great things about working there is that I get to sell my own designs in the shop! Right now I'm working on a collection of bags, made out of old fabrics. All the bags are made reversible, one side with pattern and one plain. I enjoy unusual combinations of colors, and all the bags are "one of a kind". Above is a random selection to show you the variety - what do you think?

Now I just need to order some metal tags with my brand name "by petch", before I can display them in the shop. So in a couple of weeks (hopefully) you can buy my bags from Sanseliv.

Kommer snart for salg hos Sanseliv,
Jacobsfjorden på Bryggen!



For the past month I´ve been working full time as an interior designer, so that I can afford to pay rent and have some fun during the summer as well. And that means no time to be crafty! I´ve put together some of the photos I´ve taken lately, for you to look at while waiting for more creative posts. 

Enjoy the summer, people!




"Våren 1967"

Screen printed pictures on sateen, hand-colored inspired by the coloring of b/w photos from the 50´s. I wanted to manipulate the atmosphere in the photo with my use of colors, and in that way lead the viewer towards an untold story. A picture paints a thousand words, so there are always more than one story in a photo. We all get different associations, and they will affect the way we see things. Which story you want to see, is up to you.

Exhibition: Friday 22nd of May.
Strømgaten 1, Bergen - 12.00-18.00.
One day only!



Sometimes when i just cant sleep, i spend hours exploring photoshop. And once in a while I end up with results I actually kind of like. Like these:

I find them a little poetic in a way.



During a two-week long print course I decided to challenge my self to do at BIG mono print. Mono prints are painted with water colour dyes, directly on to the silk screen and then printed with a clear print paste. It can only be printed once, therefore the name "mono" print. The print is based on a photo of my mother from 1969, but I have simplified it a lot so I don´t think it looks like the photo anymore. I did a number of small tests first, trying out different styles and colours. Finally I ended up with 3 large prints; a red, a blue and the yellow one you see here:

The blue and the green print are a couple of the smaller test I did, before starting the big pieces.
The final prints are approximately 140 x 100 cm, printed on cotton.



I bought the fabric a while ago from a secondhand shop. It used to be a pillow case, and I bought it because I liked the retro print. And finally I turned it into a simple a-line skirt, perfect for sunny spring days! I drafted a quick pattern from a skirt I had already, and did some final fitting as I went along.

Fabric/pillow case: 10 NOK
Zipper: 3 NOK
Sewing time: 1 hour



This week we have been working with colours, and the last two days we got to explore colour and space. We could choose to create a pleasant or an unpleasant mood. I wanted to make the toilet more "pleasant" and friendly, and used coloured paper and light to get a warm and welcoming feeling. I also had balloons hanging from the ceiling, nice words written on the toilet paper and happy music!




The song I chose to play was "Happy up here", a new single from the Norwegian band Röyksopp. I think the music worked very well with the atmosphere in the room, and I also love the contrast between all the the red/pink and the few blue details (that are not showing in the photos because of the red light...).



my first moleskine..

Today i bought my very first Moleskine sketchbook. Finally I have a sketchbook that´s small enough to carry around with me, great if I get ideas when I´m out and about. Anyone up for coffee and brainstorming?

In the background you can see the bag that I printed on Friday. The print is an illustration showing simple steps of a 1960´s boob-job.



I love old photos, and this is one of my favorites. It´s a childhood photo of my mother, her two brothers and their cousin. And of course the cow. Just look at the cow, it´s huge! Based on this photo I made my mother´s xmas present; handprinted cushions. This is my first attempt at printing rasterized photos.


In December I attended a x-mas market with some friends from school. The sale was rather slow, but we got to show off our work and had a nice time anyway! If anyone´s interested I still have some handprinted cushions left, and also pocket-calendars.
*Cushions: 250 NOK (25 GBP)
*Calendars: 25 NOK (2,5 GBP)