Finally, my room is pretty much finished. After a few months hunting for furniture and stash, I´m actually quite happy with the interior. When I moved in I only had a bed and a wardrobe, then I found my lovely armchairs! A real bargain from Fretex (Salvation Army´s charity shop), just 200kr each! The dining chairs from the 60´s are from the same shop, 150kr for the pair, they are so nice and practical as well. Today I bought a cupboard/shelf thing, also Fretex, for just 50kr and filled it with all my books. I also found an old table in the basement, it was really dusty and covered in paint stains. But it looks great with a nice piece of retro fabric on top (actually a curtain from a charity shop). So now I have a place to eat, and most importantly; a place to sew!!!!!

retro chairs from heaven

i love my room <3

I put some stuff on the walls as well, finally! Two of my canvasses on one wall, mirrors and a cosy picture (a bit kitsch) i got at a flee market on the opposite wall. I´m really pleased with the mix of styles, and the layout of the room. I think it has a nice retro feel to it, as well as a modern touch.



Yesterday I googled myself, in lack of anything better to do. Usually the result is less then interesting, but this time google surprised me! I found a really nice review of the work I exhibited at New Designers on Julie Pople Designs´website:

"What makes this show so wonderful is that it is raw. By the time trends hit the high street they are often watered down versions of the original idea. Of course, they are also practical, commercial, and hopefully profitable. All of these designers have talent, the ones who make it will also have the ability to refine their ideas so that they are commercial without losing the spark that makes them stand out. But for this show it is the crude, powerful, unrefined work that triumphs over the conventional. To that end, Elisabeth Petch who took the trend for urban art and made it even more urban stood out. Her large canvasses of grimy, industrial signage were wonderful."

Thank you so much for the kind comment about my work, it really made my day:)