During a two-week long print course I decided to challenge my self to do at BIG mono print. Mono prints are painted with water colour dyes, directly on to the silk screen and then printed with a clear print paste. It can only be printed once, therefore the name "mono" print. The print is based on a photo of my mother from 1969, but I have simplified it a lot so I don´t think it looks like the photo anymore. I did a number of small tests first, trying out different styles and colours. Finally I ended up with 3 large prints; a red, a blue and the yellow one you see here:

The blue and the green print are a couple of the smaller test I did, before starting the big pieces.
The final prints are approximately 140 x 100 cm, printed on cotton.



I bought the fabric a while ago from a secondhand shop. It used to be a pillow case, and I bought it because I liked the retro print. And finally I turned it into a simple a-line skirt, perfect for sunny spring days! I drafted a quick pattern from a skirt I had already, and did some final fitting as I went along.

Fabric/pillow case: 10 NOK
Zipper: 3 NOK
Sewing time: 1 hour



This week we have been working with colours, and the last two days we got to explore colour and space. We could choose to create a pleasant or an unpleasant mood. I wanted to make the toilet more "pleasant" and friendly, and used coloured paper and light to get a warm and welcoming feeling. I also had balloons hanging from the ceiling, nice words written on the toilet paper and happy music!




The song I chose to play was "Happy up here", a new single from the Norwegian band Röyksopp. I think the music worked very well with the atmosphere in the room, and I also love the contrast between all the the red/pink and the few blue details (that are not showing in the photos because of the red light...).