A couple of weeks ago I went to London to exhibit my work at New Designers. The exhibition was in Islington, and the shops there are awesome! I found lots of great vintage shops, all located in the same area, so i was in heaven for a few hours! (Lost track of time.. woops!). I bought a lovely electric blue leather handbag from a woman at the market, and she pointed me in the direction of her husband's shop. And there I fell in love with this gorgeous 70's dress. I tried it on, perfect fit. It was meant to be...

"Se min kjole, den er blÄ som havet..."

Detail back

Detail front

I remember my grandmother had a dress like this, it was the same shape but darker blue. She bought it for my parents' wedding in 1978, and if the dress is still "alive" I would really love to wear it. It's too pretty to be boxed up somewhere, and I'm sure my grandmother would have loved to see me wear it as well.