I have applied for a bachelor degree in Textile Design at the National Academy of the Arts in Norway (Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen).
They invited me for an interview, which means i got through to round two! It also means that I had to do an assignment before the interview, on top of my final hand ins and assessments and building the degree show.. phew! The assignment was "visualize the ideal place, 2D and/or 3D. I tried to come up with a perfect place, but that is kind of impossible. The perfect place doesn't excist! But there are a few basic elements that I need to have around me in order to feel like I am in an ideal place; family, friends and good memories. I based my assignment on this idea, and made a dress with photos and expressive text. When I wear the dress I am physically surrounded by images of my family, my friends and images that bring back good memories. So when I wear it I am literally "in" the perfect place. If that makes any sense... (The National Academy is all about really arty stuff and alternative thinking.. or so I have heard!) Here is the result:







Hauken said...

Schtiiiiliig! Bra jobba, god idé.


Petchy said...


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy you got it all done in time for the interview! Yey, it looks great, and I think your visual interpretation of the idea is very good. High five ms. petchy!

Solveig said...

Den va bære UBERstilig!!! Kjæm du ikkje viar me na her så væt æ ikkje!

Sigrunn said...

Fy flate, grøss å gru,håra reise sæ. Den va kjempestilig alså. E så kry tå dæ.

Hilde`s bloggverden said...

Så stiiiilig.
Noe av det kuuuleate jeg har sett :)