My sister sent me this creative blogger award! Really nice of her! :)
Feel like I should post some more creativity on my blog now...
And I will do!! As soon as my degree show is over and I have some
more time for fun stuff like sewing and blogging!

So now I want to pass this award on to other creative bloggers, and first up is my dear friend Birgitte. She is one of the most creative persons I know! She's not afraid of exploring new techniques and as a result of that she makes amazing stuff. Knitting, sewing, crochet.. you name it! She's creative in the kitchen too!

My sister and my mother already recieved this award, but i would like to send it to them again! They really deserve it! Check out Pusleriet and MadeByPetchy.

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Sigrunn said...

Takk Elisabeth, d va no snilt tå dæ ja.