I'm finally back with a new post! The last weeks of the semester was very busy, I practically lived in the workshop. Now I'm ready to start another semester, and I'm still working on the portrait of my great grandmother Julie. Before xmas I got to do loads of testing, but there is still plenty to research and develop before I know where the project is going.

Sometimes it's really important to take a break from what you are working with, then come back to it and see it with new eyes. That's why I also have several other projects at the same time, like the one you see here. This is a sketch for something I might want to silkscreen print in layers. It's a different way of using photography in my work, by combining elements from several images to one composition.


indigorchid said...

I love the idea of the layers!

Petchy said...

thanks! :) it kind of reminds me of telling stories with a flanellograph! ♥