I really wanted something new to wear for my friends birthday party, but couldn't find anything I liked (except a £40 top from oasis). So i just bought some purple fabric, some golden D-rings and some very plain cotton ribbons and made myself a top for less than £5! It was really easy to make, (even with a slightly temperamental sewing machine!) made it in a couple of hours without using a pattern. Think it turned out quite good actually, so I'm very pleased with it! In fact, I might just make another one in a different color. Maybe a dress?


Solveig said...

Så mykkjy fint du har laga i det siste! Den røde å svarte vintage-kjolin va bære rålækker!!! Å toppen vart kjæmpefin! :)

Petchy said...

takk! æ har ikkje laga den røde kjolin asså.. bære sydd den inn!

Benedikte said...

din hest. flink!!